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Web developper and Computer Vision diplomee, graduate of Pierre and Marie Curie University, in Paris, today I study Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

Committed to re-think the current authority of Internet; I work towards self and community-made tools for everyone and involving everyone using free, open and decentralized means of production with care and ecological sustainability. I am looking to create forms by hacking and revealing the complexity hidden both in the support and the context.

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  • French (Native)
  • English (TOEIC 955)
  • Skills

  • Web
  • Software
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Vizualisation
  • P2P
  • Ceramics
  • Tools

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Caffe
  • PyTorch
  • TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Node
  • Electron, Vue, React
  • Gridsome, GatsbyJS
  • Flask, Django
  • REST APIs, GraphQL
  • Three.js, p5.js
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • GUN, MongoDB, SQLite
  • HyperSwarm
  • CSS
  • Publications

  • Une naturalisation de la conscience
  • Sites

  • Femmage

    Collage From the Web


    Named after a terminology conceived by Miriam Schapiro and Melissa Meyer to represent an object, a plastic creation, starting from conceptual approaches and techniques traditionally used by women, this tool shares the will of reclaming, and allows collage in the web space. The project is a Web Extension letting you clip any part of the screen, copy it and paste in other browser tabs, or any other software.

    Care Fiction

    A Playground for Commoners


    Care Fiction is a thinking toy for commoning co-fabulation. Through disinterested play, exercise and experimentation, it aims at laying the imaginative foundation for future Commons.

    Decentralized. By using the app, you become one node of the mesh. The text you read, the image you upload, the sketch you draw, the vote you make, all this is shared and synchronized between all of us.

    Studio Program Stigmergy,
    Design Academy Eindhoven
    with Eleonora Toniolo and Francesca Tambussi

    Recall City

    Foreign Memories


    Recall is a city of the mind, where buildings are memories. They are massive and moving at such a speed that soon, it is said, light itself will not escape its gravitational pull. Akin to Babeldom, this Audio and 3D Web experience portrait a city and the journey of a conflicted self, rambling around foreign memories.

    Story vs Storage, Design Academy Eindhoven


    Host Yourself


    Humusities is an app, and with it you can share files and even host websites. Yet, using Humusities, you own your data and you expose yourself only to who is in the same room. No middle man, no external server and no peer-to-peer sharing. Peer-to-peer is only used to find other peers in the same room. When you disconnect, your data too.

    Infrastructure Project, Design Academy Eindhoven

    Am I A Killer ?



    Can we be sure we will not kill anyone in the future ? Interrogatory are often used by the police and scientifics to evaluate a crime coefficient based on behavorial and online data. Mind can be tricked, can I manipulate myself to think I might kill or have killed ? This experience and the video is fully rendered in the browser.

    Uncertainity Workshop, Design Academy Eindhoven

    Eat and Protest

    Hong Kong Protests


    Eat and Protest is a print edition laid out using CSS and depict the Hong Kong protests against the deprivation of the city autonomy from China by looking at their eat habits.

    Protesting is intense and necessary but how do protestors eat ? How in a Hong Kong reconfigured those people find the time to cook for themselves but also for their friends and allies ?

    HK Protests Project, Design Academy Eindhoven

    Dark Crawler

    Navigating in the Dark (net)


    Dark Crawler is an algorithm that traverse the Tor Network famously known as part of the Dark Web. The crawler also record visited websites and class them into categories, all NSFW images are removed using a classifier to prevent any harmful material to be shown.

    A website with a print edition explain the process behind the crawler and serves as a photo book of the journey with contextualized categories.

    Infrastructure, Design Academy Eindhoven

    AI Commons

    License Helper


    Helper to specify the conditions under which you want to share your work on AI. AI Commons, a nonprofit organization supported by the ecosystem of AI practitioners, entrepreneurs, academia, NGOs, AI industry players and organizations/individuals focused on the common good.

    with Alexandre Cadain and Charlotte Heylliard


    Front-End Developer and Architect

    Aramisauto, Paris, France

    Modernization of the main website in a Single Page Application — SPA with a focus on performances, SEO, composition, unit test and separation of concerns. Architected along a Design System in collaboration with the Product team, and along an API specification developped with the Infrastructure team.

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Hubstairs, Paris, France

    Automation in interior architecture based on various data (users, trades, retail, open-source). Work in machine and deep learning using framework like Tensorflow or pyTorch, in 3D content generation from 2D with Blender and OpenCV and in Datamining with BeautifulSoup and Scrapy. Assigned production with Docker and cloud services.

    Computer Vision Data Science Intern

    Rakuten Institute of Technology, Paris, France

    Internship in Data Science and Deep Learning for Computer Vision at Rakuten where my mission is to classify, segment and localize garments in natural images for fashion image-based recommendation using state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques.


    Master Information Design

    Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

    M. Sc. in Computer Science, Spe. Computer Graphics and Computer Vision

    Sorbonne Universités × Télécom ParisTech, Paris, France

    B. Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Spe. Cognitive Sciences, « Mention bien »

    Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France