@LouZouNantes, France
Quel jeu magnifique, quelle intro exceptionnelle. Ape Out : un mix Whiplash pour le son (il faut écouter la vidéo) et Hotline Miami pour le jeu en vue...
Hippolyte Gros
@HippGrosGenève, Suisse
Quite happy to say that after 4 years of hard work, I have finally finished writing my PhD thesis! It's about numerical cognition, arithmetic reasoning,...
Diane Doniol-Valcroze
@ddoniolvalcrozeHollywood, Los Angeles
Jeff Goldblum headshots, 1980s
Jonathan Fly 👾
"Compared to MuseGAN, MIDI-S2 can not only generate harmonious multi-track music... quality is also close to the state of the art level."🎶😮🎵 I wa...
Diplomacy is a 7-player, non-cooperative game, where agents acquire resources through a mix of teamwork and betrayal. They train agents to play a version...
Biblio Curiosa
@BibliocuriosaMontréal, Québec
A Fantasy Of The Deep (1903) Art by British artist Arthur Hopkins (1848–1930)
41 Strange
@41StrangeHollywood, CA
Using a Strip of Paper to Give Birds Funny Eyes
#スマブラSP #SSBU #BotW #ゼルダの伝説
Léo Duff
Nouvelle vidéo. Internet est mort. (Et vous aussi)
Jan Hakon Erichsen
@janerichsenOslo, Norway
I didn’t choose the spaghetti life, the spaghetti life chose me🍝
Key Animation: Norio Matsumoto (松本 憲生) Movie: One Piece: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima (ワンピース オマツリ男爵と秘密の島) (2005)
Kazik Pogoda
@KazikPogodaBerlin, Germany
I no longer have much clue what's happening here. @CreativeCodeBLN @openrndr #creativecoding #codeart #generative #generativeart #glsl #shader #openrndr...
Elle O'Brien
@andronovhopfSeattle, WA
Walk latent space with me? Using @nvidia #styleGAN
Jane Wang
@janexwangLondon, England
At best, social networks are terrible at spreading accurate information; at worst, they're vulnerable to malicious attacks intended to manipulate our...
looking at early urusei yatsura background characters is a fun time
Animated Golem
@animegolemSouth House
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, ceci n'est pas vraiment nouveau mais plutôt une énième illustration d'un paradoxe assez ancien. Je vais tenter de vo...
Ars Electronica
@ArsElectronicaLinz, Austria
. @akikonkym visualizes the “Mahler Unfinished” project of the Big Concert Night with her live painting performance at the #arselectronica19 festival....