Animated Golem
@animegolemSouth House
yeah i've posted it a dozen times and i'll do it a dozen more
A Web-based implementation of “Deep Image Prior” using TensorFlow.js
Pico8 arabic font progress! Added tashkeel (green consonants on the last line.) I'm at about 100-150 different shapes right now. wow.
Animated Golem
@animegolemSouth House
Guillermo ▲
@rauchgSan Francisco, CA
Holy cow. You can deploy a "minimum viable Go website" with two files: ◆ index.html ◆ api/hello.go $ now And 100% local dev experience by running ...
Ramsey Nasser
@raBrooklyn, NY
@1love4real4real @nrose @zachlieberman i collected them for a while, most from @OttomanArchive
Ramsey Nasser
@raBrooklyn, NY
@nrose @zachlieberman yeah arabic type is really something else. my favorite application of the word elongation is in ottoman cartography where the labels...
Ramsey Nasser
@raBrooklyn, NY
@nrose @zachlieberman aesthetic reasons and alignment reasons. for example newspapers will often be printed justified, but the space between words remains...
zach lieberman
love that in arabic you can make words as long as you want…. (thanks @ra !)
J’viens d’réaliser un truc, genre un jour, il y a un mec, il a vu un truc sortir du cul d’une poule et il s’est dit « tiens j’vais l’manger », vraiment...
Andreas Mueller
Scikit-learn finally introduced an API for plotting!
Etienne Mineur
@etienne_mineurParis France
Je viens de finir le prototype d’un piano de poche en papier utilisant (bien sûr) un téléphone. -->
Ample Artistry
@41Strange Love tiny worlds. This one by Tatsuya Tanaka
Niall Moody
Put together a demo to explain aliasing to my students.
Chappel Astro
Imaged Jupiter tonight. Looks awfully like an impact flash in the SEB. Happened on 2019-08-07 at 4:07 UTC.
i'm mad at how long this took me to understand
@Olhette64 @PMedievistes Pas de thèse à ma connaissance (mais super sujet !). Des pages intéressantes sur ça (enjeux historiques, touristiques, économiques...
A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. — John Lennon
dites-vous y’en a qui pensent que Vald a aucun talent alors qu’il a écrit des sons comme ceux-là