41 Strange
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English painter John William Waterhouse (1849 –1917). Best known for his portrayals of women in Greek mythology and Arthurian legend
Judith Lenglet
Plusieurs mois que ns travaillons avec @sophiebavard et Basile (PhD avec @StePalminteri) sur la création d’une #collection de #vulgarisation: les Pense...
Joanna Godet
Artists in Residence at ICST – Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology | Zurich University of the Arts
Key Animation: Tetsuya Nishio (西尾 鉄也) Anime: FLCL (フリクリ) (2000)
Dimitri Diakopoulos
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Stumbled on this great article that describes the history of computational curves
Károly Zsolnai-Fehér
This Jello Simulation Uses Only 88 Lines of Code! ▶️ Full video:
Paul Bronks
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A capybara spa is the level of weekend chill we should all aspire to.
@nicolasnovaGeneva, Switzerland
“This paper discusses prominent examples of what we call “algorithmic anxiety” in artworks engaging with algorithms.”
Josep Julien
Va així. És així.
Guillermo del Toro
Eric Jang
If you've ever wondered what "bits-per-pixel" actually means, why logistic distributions are awesome, how to improve training stability of normalizing... Check out this blog post on training likelihood models
Jian Tang
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My students have done very nice work on collecting a list of literature on graph representation learning:
Daniel Silvermint
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Okay, I know it’s been a while, but I can’t stop thinking about the ending of Game of Thrones. How it broke the thematic promises the early seasons made,...
Cher Scarlett 🦢
@codehitchhikerI miss the 🌊
🌏🌊 float sea(vec2 uv, float chopiness) { uv += noise(uv); vec2 wv = 1.0 - abs(sin(uv)); vec2 swv = abs(cos(uv)); wv = mix(wv, swv, wv); return pow(1.0 - pow(wv.x * wv.y,0.65), chopiness); }
41 Strange
@41StrangeHollywood, CA
In 2015, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang created a 1,650-foot-tall Sky Ladder using fireworks in tribute to his grandmother
Monté de Linguisticae
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et bien evidemment la seule question que les gens se posent est :
L'été fait fleurir les articles, dans des magazines divers, sur l'infidélité : rester fidèle ou profiter, en parler ou le cacher, se venger ou pardonner......
41 Strange
@41StrangeHollywood, CA
Happy 4th of July! 💥🦈 Watching JAWS on the water
41 Strange
@41StrangeHollywood, CA
The Emperor Tamarin monkey sports an impressive moustache (Photo: Thomas Kienzle, Emma)